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Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, The College of Naturopathic Medicine (London)

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My purpose
My name is Jana Pražanová. I am an NHS medical doctor, a nutritionist and a hypnotherapist. I use a combination of proper food and medicine to help you heal yourself, feel vibrant and full of life!
I provide individuals and corporations with important insights into wellbeing in order to achieve “whole” health, which includes freedom from pain, fatigue, infertility, metabolic and cardiovascular disease. This is neither ordinary nutritional therapy nor the classic doctor's appointment. I am sure the body is capable of miraculous things and I can help you to achieve them. Proper nutrition, to me, means honouring food as a medicine. Good health is one of the most precious things we have. I want you to understand that pleasurable activities they may consider completely unrelated to health can add more years to your life, may even reduce the number of doctor visits and can dramatically reduce risks of disease.
My aim is therefore to facilitate western medicine´s unexplained so-called spontaneous remissions. I use my intuitive skills, abilities and knowledge coupled with my caring, loving, respectful and humble nature to treat people with dignity and at their own pace.

My story
I made several dietary mistakes while seeing different therapists, including a nutritionist and doctor specialist with serious long-term consequences. This made me stronger and even more driven, not to only heal myself, but to understand the complexity of health imbalances, and the healing process. I understand how fragile, but unstoppable, a human being can be.

My vision
Dr. HypNutritionist is prescribing MOVEment, FOOD, SLEEP and MOOD.
In my heart, I long to end suffering and to increase the chance that you will live a long, vital, healthy life. The sooner we can get body and mind to work in synergy, the healthier we will be. That mission is what called me to medicine in the first place.
I am so thankful and grateful that I healed myself from CFS that I would like to help others to heal themselves naturally too.

Today, my practice is focussed on:
• Metabolic and cardiovascular health
• Fertility (couple´s preconception, pregnancy, postpartum support of baby and mum)
• Pain
• Men’s health (including alcohol and nicotine detoxification, urinary tract health, etc.)
• Addictions, confidence, fear and phobias, anxiety
My vision is that I could help people heal their thoughts so their bodies could follow.
I am dedicated to being a good and responsible doctor and nutritionist who has an open mind in service to the patients I care for.
You can read testimonials from my clients on my website: https://www.dr-hypnutritionist.com.

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