Risoneide Moura De Abreu

Risoneide Moura De Abreu

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DipION Nutritional Therapy , Institute for Optimum Nutrition

Special Interests

-Help individuals improve their health concerns through proper diet and lifestyle which may help their find physical, mental and spiritual integration. My main focus in every individual is the digestive system, however I do look the whole body as a puzzle in order to see the client improve their health wherever it is a skin, fatigue, depression, and auto-immune problems. -I love to do workshops with general public giving them small tips of nutritional education.

Further Information

I'm the moment still attending by Skype: Risosmita108, but soon i will have a settle clinic room to see client at Southgate-London

Practice: Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

Complementary Medicine
11 Hyacinth Court, 123 Chelmsford Road
123 Chelmsford Road


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