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BCNH Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, BCNH College of Nutrition and Health

Special Interests

I have special interests in womens' health, fertility and infertility and managing conditions that affect fertility such as endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, sperm issues and thyroid problems. I am also interested in autoimmunity, food allergy, coeliac disease, sulphite sensitivity and digestive problems and have a special interest in supporting assisted conception, pregnancy and breast feeding and in managing food allergies in children. I am also interested in mental health conditions and have worked on academic research in this area. I have been practising since 2003 and have been a Senior Lecturer at the University of Worcester for over twelve years, where I work on Nutritional Therapy and other nutrition postgraduate programmes. I have also taught on the Human Nutrition BSc and contributed to other academic programmes such as the Midwifery BSc. I also work in the medical school at Cardiff University on Continuing Professional Development courses. I have worked on three book publications, I co-edited a book on infertility in 2016 ' Integrated approaches to Infertility, IVF and recurrent miscarriage' and have co-written a book on mental health, published in 2019 'Introduction to mental health', as well as contributing chapters on digestion to another text book.

Further Information

I have also published many academic journal articles and worked on a research project on gluten for BBC2's Trust Me I'm a Dr. I am currently working towards Phd by publication.

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