Daniela Daines

Daniela Daines

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e-DipION Nutritional Therapy , Institute for Optimum Nutrition

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I am a woman for women with focus on holistic mind-body health. This includes creating hormone harmony, moving away from feeling drained and exhausted and finding a path towards nourishing the whole YOU. I also have first hand experience with eating disorders and disordered eating and approach this with compassion, respect and deep understanding - addressing relationships with food and self and creating space for positive change and transformation. As a mother, child nourishment is of utmost importance to me and a focus within my personal and clinic life. I have also helped clients address weight management issues, adrenal fatigue, energy metabolism and stress management as well as gut and immune relating issues. As a certified yoga instructor I like to add self-care practices such as restorative movement and meditation.

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My focus, is in creating holistic awareness of the factors that predispose, trigger, mediate and contribute to imbalance and ill-health. A change in behaviour and lifestyle is only meaningful (and long-lasting) when we truly understand how these impact our overall expression and experience of self in relation to health and happiness. The initial consultation includes a detailed analysis of your life and health events that have lead to this point. I may recommend specific tests (blood, urine, stool etc) to assist in establishing the most effective health optimising protocol / plan for you.

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