Sabine Horner

Sabine Horner

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PG Dip Nutritional Therapy, Northern College of Acupuncture

Special Interests

Kundalini Yoga Instructor & studying to become an Ayurvedic health practitioner Special focus on supporting bereaved clients & clients with cancer

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In my nutritional therapy practice, I focus on supporting people through bereavement by combining personalised nutritional advice with specific techniques from Kundalini Yoga to alleviate the enormous impact of grief and help to restore balance in body and mind. As someone who has lost a loved one, I understand bereavement and have personally experienced the effects of grief on body and mind. I know the emotional and practical challenges people face and I have first-hand experience of how “happy food”, yoga and meditation can make you feel more balanced, lift your energy levels and your mood. Nothing can prepare you for bereavement but there are practical tools, strategies and techniques that can help people to gradually get their life back on track. In my Culinary Grief Workshops I aim to share some of the most effective ones with my bereaved clients to prevent the adverse health effects grief can have on body and mind such as lack of energy, depression, anxiety, heart and lung problems, digestive disorders or a weakened immune system to name but a few.

Practice: Asana Nutrition

Asana Nutrition

Asana Nutrition
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