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CNM Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, The College of Naturopathic Medicine

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I specialise in stress and how it affects the gut in particular. Stress is unavoidable in our society but unless you know how to off set its effects using balanced nutrition, exercise and lifestyle then it can have serious long term negative effects on our health. I support my clients with advise and guidance on the very best in food and, where necessary, supplementation as I coach them through the more challenging aspects of daily life and bring them back to resilience and robust health.

Further Information

As a highly qualified and well respected registered Nutritional Therapist with years of experience, I have supported many clients as they re-discover the abundant health which they once enjoyed. Much of the time that I spend researching each case involves exploring not only the presenting symptoms but also aspects of the client’s past and family health histories. Set aside any of the experiences that you may have had and with other health care providers. I work by revealing the underlying causes of ill health and advise on the very best in nutritional supplementation and external laboratory testing. I believe in the body’s ability to heal itself time and time again and, using evidence based research, I will deliver your unique, tailored plan as I coach you back to wellbeing. Your needs are totally individual and my approach will reflect that. I draw inspiration from the huge improvements that I’ve seen within my clients down the years, people that were seeking lasting results and found them with my support. Whether you want relief from digestive problems, support with weight management or are seeking guidance on women's health issues, I cover a wide range of health concerns. If you want unlimited energy, a positive outlook and a new found zest for life then call me today on 07493 499667 for your complementary twenty minute phone consultation. Find out why Allegra Nutrition is one of the most successful nutritional therapy clinics in Exeter.

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