Sally Parr

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DipION Nutritional Therapy , Institute for Optimum Nutrition
B.A Home Economics, Queen Margaret College Edinburgh

Special Interests

Digestive wellness, hormone balancing, food intolerance, allergies, autoimmunity, weight and stress/lifestyle management.  To date in my career, I have worked to support male and female athletes with performance optimization and gut issues, clients with hormone-related complaints, children with food intolerances, teenagers with skin problems, as well as elderly clients looking to nourish themselves well as they age - all using the power of food and nutrition to do so.

Further Information

Hi, I'm Sally from VivaVitae Nutrition and I'm keen to motivate and inspire you towards reaching your personal health and wellbeing goals, with advice that is tailored, targeted - and achievable, too. So whether you'd like to feel more energised, sleep more soundly, tackle those chronic 'niggles' that just won't shift, or would like to find out how to start eating your way to optimal health, a nutritional programme that's designed just for you - and underpinned by the latest science - could be just what you need.     As a registered Nutritional Therapist, I aim to identify then focus on potential imbalances within your body'#'s systems (rather than simply addressing the symptoms you may be experiencing as a result of these imbalances).     By taking a comprehensive overview of your health to date, and identifying the wellbeing goals you’d like to work towards, I can then create a personalised dietary programme. Because this is tailored completely towards you, taking your lifestyle, food preferences, budget and wellbeing goals into account, the meal plans and snack ideas are designed to be speedy and sustainable as well as delicious! One to one consultations are available from my home clinic, or I can travel to you.  I can also work with you via Skype if you are based further afield. Optional functional testing and test interpretation as well as supplement recommendations and lifestyle advice are also available. I work with clients of all ages and stages, providing nutritional programmes that are tailored to the individual. One to one consultations, comprehensive range of tests available, wellness talks and cookery workshops offered, in addition to feature writing.

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