Kate Black

Kate Black

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Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, Institute for Optimum Nutrition

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i mainly work to increase the health and productivity of busy, hardworking individuals. My clients tend to be burnt out, overweight, irritable, overwhelmed and sleep does not restore them. I also see many female clients with hormone imbalances. Specific interests include the guts role in stress and mental health, adrenal, thyroid and sex hormone balance, and I am fascinated by gene expression, liver health, the intricate balance of the immune system and how cancer may manifest.

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As an ex-dancer and TV Producer/Director and now a busy mother, I understand life's demands and how difficult fuelling well for better health can be. Now a Nutritionist & founder of Bespoke Nutritional Therapy in Harpenden. I believe that with good nutrition and lifestyle choices the body can heal itself. I aim to inform, inspire and encourage busy hard working individuals to reset their bodies through nutrition and health coaching, so they can live life to the full. I run a busy clinic in Harpenden and create bespoke health plans in my 1:1 consultations. i work to reset body systems so clients feel lighter, brighter and full of energy in my Feel Great in 5 Weeks online course, and work with successful businesses to increase the productivity of their ambitious professionals.

Practice: Bespoke Nutritional Therapy Ltd

Bespoke Nutritional Therapy Ltd

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