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CNM Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, The College of Naturopathic Medicine

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PRECONCEPTION If you are considering pregnancy, preparing your body nutritionally for conception is one of the most important things that can be done. By providing your body with highly nourishing foods, and avoiding those that reduce fertility, you can increase your ease of conception and give your baby the healthiest start possible. INFERTILITY After spending many years trying to avoid getting pregnant, it can be distressing to realise that it is difficult to conceive when you actually start trying. For many women, becoming pregnant isn’t something that just happens whenever they are ready, we can work together on natural ways to strengthen reproductive health and optimise your fertility. PREGNANCY For some mummies, what to eat while pregnant can be a minefield. During this time good nutrition is vital for healthy growth of the baby, and is equally important to help nourish mum doing pregnancy. POSTPARTUM If you’ve had a child within the last decade, you might still be suffering some consequences—lethargy, memory disturbances, and poor energy levels, among other symptoms. It’s not just because being a parent is hard—physically, the process of growing a baby exacts a significant toll. We can work together to get you back to where you were pre children WHOLE FOOD MUMS Myself and a food writer and chef help provide families with support on how to incorporate a more whole foods diet. We provide workshops and menu advice for nurseries and schools.

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