Patricia Magnus

Profile Summary


Licenced Associate of the Faculty of Homeopathy, The Faculty of Homeopathy
CNM Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, The College of Naturopathic & Complementary Medicine
Diploma in Physiological Regulating Medicine, Academia di Medicina Biologica
Certificate in Applied Homotoxicology, International Academy for Homotoxicology
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Special Interests

Chronic pain / Low energy; Chronic diseases - Fibromyalgia, ME. Digestive problems; Reflux, GERDS Sibo etc Skin Issues allergy / intolerances thyroid issues Autoimmune diseases; Parkinson's. OA, RA, early dementia, Any musculoskeletal issue; painful back neck joints nerves Pins & Needles numbness

Further Information

I have been treating chronic ill health for the last 40 years. I have many testimonials, thanking me because my clients feel they have their life back. Trained in: Physiotherapy (treating physical problems and neurological injuries). Acupuncture (excellent at pain relief and a quick way to Kick start your whole body to get into balance). Homeopathy (wonderful at supporting the treatment of viruses, bacterial infections overuse of antibiotics as well as like cures like. Homotoxicology (The ability to detox the body without complication). Nutrition allows me to suggest the foods which will enhance your healing to be able to engage in a happy, vital pain free life.. I integrate these modalities to relieve pain and restore energy. PRM ( Physiological regulatory medicine), understanding the biochemical pathways of the body and the importance of hormones, neurotransmitters and cytokines and supplying the body with these and to utilize mineral supplementation with out the need for the receiver to digest effectively.

Practice: Integrated Medicine And Physiotherapy At The Natural Health Clinic

Integrated Medicine And Physiotherapy At The Natural Health Clinic

15 East Hill Road