Cristiano Percoco

Profile Summary


BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy, University of Westminster

Special Interests

Mood and Brain Disorders, Gastro-Intestinal Issues, Autoimmune Conditions, Cancer, Metabolic Syndrome, Endocrine Dysfunction, Sport Nutrition, Stress Management, Fertility (male-female), Weight Management, Skin problems

Further Information

Return for your investment:  A comprehensive present and past health and medical screening (included).  Tailored nutritional and life style program, based on scientific data, to suit your needs and health goals (included).  Urinalysis, to quickly assess your health status (included), available only for face to face consultations.  Monitoring of your BMI, waist to hip ratio, skin fold in some clients (included).  Meal recipes and planning (included).  Messaging and email support (included).  Many years of clinical experience and supplements knowledge (included).  Motivation and accountability coaching (included).  Discounted supplements compared to retail price.  Functional testing may be suggested in more complex cases.

Practice: The Hale Clinic

The Hale Clinic

University of Westminster Polyclinic
Hanson Street


Practice: The Consulting Centre

The Consulting Centre

The Consulting Centre
348 Poole Road
BH12 1AW