Sarah Garton

Profile Summary


Diploma in Iridology, Plaskett International College
Diploma in Nutrition, Plaskett International College
Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, Plaskett International College

Special Interests

Optimising general health, Fatigue, Blood sugar problems, Depression, Anxiety, Bowel conditions, Candidaisis, CFS, Allergies, Arthritis, Skin disorders, Cardiovascular health, Hormonal imbalances, Headaches, Weight problems, Immune conditions, Stress

Further Information

Personal experience of nutritional therapy inspired study with leading Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College. Trained in anatomy, physiology, nutritional science, naturopathy, iridology, medical nutrition with extensive case-taking experience

Practice: Nutritional Vitality

Nutritional Vitality

4 Woodland Ravine
YO12 6TA