Anne Pemberton

Anne Pemberton

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Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, Institute for Optimum Nutrition

Special Interests

Although I am happy to work with any condition my first love is autism and mental health. I enjoy working with many complex conditions. I have co-authored a book called The vitamin cure for digestive disease and I am the sole author of the book Using Nutrigenomics within Personalized Nutrition: A Practitioner's Guide (Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine for Healthcare Practitioners).

Further Information

A 30 year background in nursing and psychology enables me to look at the whole person in a much more integrated way. I am also qualified in Core expansion energy healing, meditation teaching, heartmath coaching, live blood cell analysis and NES health. I have taught nutrition at masters degree levels since 2010 and I assess UK courses for accreditation and university validation. I have a very unique approach in that I am very intuitive so I used my intuition as guidance then verify with the evidence base.

Practice: Nutrimed


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