Liz Mcwatt

Liz Mcwatt

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Diploma in Nutritional Therapeutics, Plaskett International College
Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, Plaskett International College

Special Interests

Liz is particularly experienced in dealing with complex cases and working to support symptoms of chronic health conditions. Liz has a special interest in Food Intolerance's and Auto Immune Disorders. She commonly see's clients suffering from Candida, Allergies, Digestive problems, Menstrual disorders, Chronic fatigue, IBS, Anxiety, Depression, General nutrition.

Further Information

Liz is an experienced practitioner who has been supporting clients in Cumbria & Lancashire since 1996 and she has also been a clinical tutor for professional Nutritional Therapy College. She has studied in depth throughout her years in practice, and is able to bring a number of skills together to help build a successful therapeutic programme to support your health. Along with her Nutritional medicine Diploma, Liz is a Registered General Nurse, and a qualified Homeopath. Liz has also studied Nutritional Therapy in depth and her studies include Nutrigenetics. She is able to write a customized Nutrigenetic Report should you require this information to support your health.

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Liz McWatt

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