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Nutrition Consultants Diploma, Institute for Optimum Nutrition

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2022 represents the 30th year of my clinical practice, the 32nd year of formal study into the subject of clinical nutrition and the 26th year of application of the principles of Functional Medicine. Having met over 18.500 clients over these years, I have had experience in supporting people of all ages with a wide range of conditions. I have dedicated additional research to many aspects of health, as indicated above in the ticked-box area, and have presented webinars and lectures on them too for Nutritional Therapists. From 2010, I have focused much time on auto-immune conditions and attended international educational events on this subject, as well as conducting much reading of research. No matter the name of the condition, there are key principles to apply; I carefully read each individual's case history in advance of the first appointment, I do not make assumptions about a person simply based on the name of their condition, I treat each individual with their own special set of circumstances and do not use standard protocols. With each client, I do my best to identify the key priorities that need attention., and I explain these to each client. Then I make recommendations in terms of diet and nutritional supplements to help you attain your health goals in the shortest time and most sustainable way. Dietary changes are the first to make, but many people require therapeutic support in the form of targeted nutritional supplements. I explain all recommendations to clients. It is relevant for most when I say that I aim to use the smallest number of nutritional supplements possible. Where appropriate and necessary I do recommend lab tests many of which are outside of the conventional model of medicine and are often referred to as functional lab tests in that they are aiming to uncover imbalances in function as opposed to diagnose a pathology / disease. The purpose of these functional lab tests is to identify or rule out the presence of specific imbalances that would steer the nutritional programme differently than that which I would already, based on your case history, signs and symptoms. Sometimes, tests are recommended to confirm what may be evident from your case history, and both you and I agree that having confirmation of the imbalance is going to be useful for ourselves, and sometimes others, such as partners or one's doctor.

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