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During Series 2 we shall be taking a deep dive into functional sports nutrition. We take a look at sports nutrition from different angles:

  • Endurance
  • Bodybuilding
  • Team Sports Nutrition
  • Functional Considerations

Each guest discusses how to apply nutritional therapy principles to sports nutrition, working with health parameters, the athlete in question, test considerations, protocols and supplements.

This series is created exclusively for BANT members wanting to expand their knowledge of sports nutrition.  Each episode has been awarded 1 hour of CPD.

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Cautious Return to Face-to-Face Practice

We continue to live in uncertain times but equally we are now ready to proceed to face-to-face consultations as long as we have full infection controls in place.

Along with many professions and practitioners returning to work this week, we are all proceeding with caution as to not contribute to any peaks in infection count and also being all too aware that asymptomatic people can also pass on the virus. To this effect BANT recommends that practitioners embrace remote working practices where possible and if you do start face-to-face appointments, practitioners must comply with CNHC guidelines. You can access all BANT COVID-19 communications here.

The Government has eased the recommended social distancing rule to ‘1 metre plus with masks’ where 2 metres is not possible and CNHC has already previously published a comprehensive guidance on return to face-to-face practice including:

  • Identifying any clients who are at increased risk of infection
  • Screening for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Clarifying when not to proceed to face-to-face appointment
  • How to prepare your practice for face-to-face appointments

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We are at a critical milestone as we gain more freedom of movement, gradually emerging from lock down, and therefore are also anticipating return to seeing clients face-to-face.

BANT is following both the government and CNHC guidelines in their communications about COVID-19 related topics to ensure that BANT members, their families and clients stay safe. As practitioners, we also need to comply to meet our insurers requirements, which is to follow the guidance of our regulatory and professional bodies. You can keep up-to-date about the guidelines by reviewing the latest COVID-19 bulletins that BANT provides to consolidate information for the use of BANT practitioners.

Online consultations have seen a surge during the past months and many practitioners are experiencing the value of online consultations with their existing and new clients. While there is no doubt that the face-to-face consultations add value, often with better rapport, with the COVID-19 virus among us for some time to come and potential for new virus of similar scale in the future, use of online technologies will undoubtedly provide also business security and new opportunities for the future.

This summer issue of BANT eNews bids farewell to a long-term BANT PPC Chair, Barbara Powell and publishes a letter from the new home of BANT Accredited Professional Supervision, with exciting news about new training and new services to come, both updates below. Read on to hear the latest from our Volunteering and Networks team and also Science and Education, a team that helps you access opportunities for CPD and gain easy access to further evidence-based sciences to support your practice.

We wish you the very best for a lovely summer and look forward to busy clinics, whatever our new reality looks like in September.

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Hi lovely people

If anyone is looking to hire clinic, therapy or studio space, we have 3 beautiful rooms which have recently become available to rent out to the right people.

We’re based on Greek Street in Stockport, opposite the Town Hall. It’s a fab central location with great motorway, road and rail links.

If you’re interested please get in touch.

Ruth 0771 2620909


July 2020 CPD Opportunities

As we approach the summer, the CPD Committee is receiving fewer applications from training providers for recognition. This is normal and will doubtless pick up again in August and September.  There are a few webinars to view – see below – or why not consider signing up for some longer on-line courses which have been screened by the committee for quality?  We have listed a few for you below to check out, including topics on genetics, sport and digestive health.

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From Discovery Calls to Long Term Retention: How to Convert and Onboard Your 1:1 Clients for Life

This webinar will address a different and far more profitable approach to all the important steps of the 1:1 consultation process including:

  • how to convert someone over the phone on a discovery call
  • how to deliver a package-based coaching model online with frequent touchpoints
  • how to minimise your time but maximise your prices
  • what resources and report writing should be involved
  • how much to share with them
  • what NOT to share with them
  • how to ensure they become a long term client and advocate

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COVID-19 BANT Bulletin 6 – 22 June 2020

Government will soon be announcing further measures to ease the lockdown measures but at this time CNHC continues to recommend that Nutritional Therapy Practitioners in England, Scotland and Wales will continue to work remotely while those in Northern Ireland may return to their clinics on the 6th of July, if they are able to maintain the required distancing measures and follow the previously provided guidance to ensure the safety of the practitioner and the client. Those of you in Guernsey please follow your local guidelines.

In preparation for return to face-to-face consultation, please familiarise yourself with CNHC guidelines about return to face-to-face practice. It is important to follow your Regulatory and Professional body guidance to maintain the validity of your Professional Liability Policy. Balens guidance can be found here.

To aid your return to face-to-face consultations, when the time is right, BANT has prepared a symptoms check document for your clients to sign prior to the appointment. As per CNHC guidelines, check with clients 24 hours in advance of any appointment if they or anyone in their household is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

Stay safe and respect the guidelines that are provided for your, your family’s and your clients safety.

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Do you have strong organisational skills?

Are you experienced in coordinating meetings?

Would you like to develop your network of NT’s in your local area?

Are you based in Cornwall, Devonshire, Essex, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire, Wiltshire or Yorkshire?

We are looking for new Local Network Coordinators who have approximately 1-2 hours per week to spare to:

  • Be a BANT point of contact for members in the area. This keeps an important line of communication open between BANT and its members
  • Arrange at least 2-4 meetings per year that support local practitioners and students
  • Source speakers for each meeting to present on a specific health or business-related topic
  • Set an Agenda that reflects local interests, for example, group support and advice, speaker presentation, case study discussion, practice-related issues
  • Coordinate meeting venue, refreshments, and logistics
  • Communicate with local nutritional therapists to promote local meeting events

Click here to read the full role description.

In addition, you will:

  • Have an excellent opportunity to network with other NT’s in your local area
  • Obtain CPD points from attendance at local Network Meetings

If you are interested in this role and would like further information, please contact the Volunteer Manager, Lara Seago on [email protected] with an up-to-date copy of your CV.


This spring under the COVID-19 cloud has changed how we connect with each other, be that with our clients, our peers or loved ones, and as a result, we have seen an increase in online consultations and events to stay connected, while also staying safe.

BANT AGM 2020 was no different! BANT recorded a concise 1-hour online presentation with highlights from all BANT workstreams and furthermore, also held a live update about the key organisational changes and a Q&A session on the 16th of May 2020.

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CNHC – Advice Following Relaxation of UK Confinement Measures in Relation to Face-to-Face Nutritional Therapy Consultations

The British Government has started to relax the COVID-19 confinement rules and this means that face-to-face consultations can now take place once more with right protective measures in place. BANT is aware that slightly different guidance is being issued in different countries, including Scotland, Wales, and Guernsey, and strongly urges both, members of the public and Registered Nutritional Therapists, to follow their local Government guidance.

Please note that the Government continues to recommend working remotely from home where possible and therefore Registered Nutritional Therapists will continue to provide online consultations and only suggest a face-to-face consultation when there is no other possible alternative and it is possible to follow provided guidelines for the safety of the client and the practitioner.

Registered Nutritional Therapists are regulated by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) that holds an Accredited Voluntary Register (AVR) for the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA) and are required to follow both the Government and CNHC published guidance, later of which includes guidelines about COVID-19 risk factors, screening for COVID-19 symptoms and when not to proceed to a face-to-face appointment.

Stay Safe – Stay Aware