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Volunteering Opportunities

BANT is run by volunteers and we are always seeking new recruits.  Volunteers can contribute various hours but typically 1-2 hours a week.  Volunteers will be part of one of the 3 workstreams – Communications, Centre of Excellence or Rules, Regulations and Stakeholder management, or one of the three Committees – Professional Practice Committee, CPD Committee or Membership Committee or a member of the BANT Student Network or Regional Coordinators team.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the projects listed below please get in touch with the Volunteer Manager, Lara Seago at [email protected]. These projects will completed much sooner if we can secure enough support from volunteers.

Project/Role Name Work Description Skill Required BANT Lead Hours Required
Professional Practice Committee (PPC) – Member The PPC are looking for new member. The role of the PPC is to set standards (as set out in the CNHC Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics and the BANT Professional Practice Handbook) for professional practice and to monitor their implementation by practitioners. Are you interested in helping to shape the standards for Professional Practice?
Role Profile for PPC Member
Must be a full member of BANT and CNHC Registered. Knowledge about NT, BANT and the BANT Professional Practice Handbook and CNHC Code important. Chair of PPC 2-4 hours a week
Regional Branch Committee Chair – Scotland Coordinating a team to plan and implement 1-3 Regional Branch Meetings per year. Set a theme for each meeting, Source and communicate with speakers and Identify suitable venues. Scotland and South West Regional Branches. Volunteering Brief for Regional Branch Committee Chair. Event organisation, communication skills, teamwork. Local Network Coordinator Team Lead 1-2 hours per week
Local Network Coordinators To plan, coordinate and facilitate local network meetings for local nutritional therapists in your area. Organising venues, refreshments, speakers and/or meeting content. Volunteering Brief for Local Network Coordinators. Event organisation, communication skills. Local Network Coordinator Team Lead 1-2 hours per week
Event Support Representing BANT at trade shows and conferences.  Upcoming events in:

  • Edinburgh
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Bristol
  • Newcastle
  • Liverpool
Knowledge of NT and BANT. Communications Manager 1-2 days for each event
Supervisors Self-employed opportunity to set up your own supervision group/s. Working with BANT members to support reflective learning and development in clinical practice Reflective support, facilitation, coaching and entrepreneurial skills. Supervision Manager variable
Student College Representative The Student Network is a programme to support BANT student members, engage them with BANT, to help them develop a community and support network and ensure that they feel part of the professional association now and in the future. The BANT College Student Representatives are a key approachable point of contact within each year group/class at each college, receiving feedback and offering advice and signposting to BANT resources for all student members. Ideally, there will be at least one BANT College Student Representative within each accredited Training Provider. The BANT College Student Representatives will liaise with the BANT Student Rep, who represents BANT students on BANT Council ensuring the student voice is heard. The BANT Student Rep will keep the BANT Student College Reps up to date with relevant information and the latest developments. Be energetic and out-going. Have a good understanding of social media forums (internal college forums, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Have a good understanding of how the college is structured and how communication could be delivered within. Have a good relationship with college lecturers and staff BANT Student Representative 1-2 hours per week
CPD Committee Member Process applications from Training Providers for CPD recognition according to BANT CPD procedures and within agreed timescales • Collaborate with other members of the committee to agree the standards for each application • Represent the committee at appropriate events, meetings and/or functions • Attend CPD committee meetings as required (Skype or face to face) • Contribute to the agenda for meetings & be available to take minutes on occasion • Contribute to the summary of the year’s activities to be presented at the AGM • Contribute to updating and reviewing CPD documents and procedures for BANT members and for committee use • Contribute to the monthly BANT eNews as required • Hold the position for the minimum of 1 year Reflective support, facilitation, coaching and entrepreneurial skills. CPD Committee Email Contact Time – 2-4 hours per week, Meeting Contact Time – 4-6 meetings per year