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Volunteers Charter

Volunteers Charter

This Volunteers Charter sets out key principles by which all those involved with BANT will work and collaborate together to develop the Nutritional Therapy profession.

BANT Community

Our community includes: members, volunteers (in regions, committees, workstreams, and other groups), directors on BANT Council, Honorary Fellows, BANT’s General Manager, consultants, accredited training providers, and other participants and contributors, many of whom are not yet members. To pursue our vision and develop our profession we need the active support, commitment, energy and creativity of all members of this community.

Our volunteers

Volunteers have a pivotal role to play in BANT’s ability to deliver its Strategic Plan. We need volunteers, as experts; writing, speaking and market testing; working in committees, workstreams and steering groups; contributing to and collation of research, knowledge and standards/guideline development; operating online and offline; those beginning their careers and those who have a wealth of knowledge to be captured and disseminated. Volunteering should be inspirational, fun, motivating and a learning experience. It will help develop additional skills, key contacts and a track record of achievement that will directly benefit personal and professional goals. Volunteering opportunities need to be tailored to personal needs, goals and commitments. There are numerous and varied opportunities to make a productive contribution, even if the volunteer can spare only a few hours each year. This charter recognises that BANT volunteering is unpaid and there is no expectation of payment, other than reimbursement of reasonable expenses. BANT does not seek to establish any form of legal contract with individual volunteers but does ask all volunteers to sign a standard Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Charter principles

BANT as an association, commits to: 

  • encouraging members of the BANT community to seek out appropriate opportunities to collaborate, and to make it easy to get actively involved
  • ensuring all volunteers and staff are fully integrated into the BANT structure and work positively together
  • recognising that volunteers will choose the areas in which they want to be actively Volunteer m
  • embers of the community are able to decline any requests they consider unrealistic, beyond the scope of the role, where they do not have the requisite skills, or for which they are unable to commit the time and energy  required
  • respecting, recognising and valuing contributions from all areas of the community
  • resolving any issues which may be encountered through a forum and opportunity for discussion in an appropriate and constructive manner
  • maintaining a dialogue between all participants through representative groups and consultation
  • mutually agreeing the scope and objectives of any collaborative activity to be undertaken
  • making collaboration within BANT a fun and rewarding experience
  • being committed to the principle of equality of opportunity and aiming to ensure that all present and potential participants, members, volunteers and employees are treated fairly and on an equal basis, irrespective of their gender, age, disability, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, social status or sexual orientation

All members of the community undertake to:

  • act professionally and in line with BANT’s values
  • undertake activities in a positive, structured, safe and rewarding manner in line with all BANT policies and procedures
  • show respect to fellow volunteers, employees, members and suppliers
  • maintain the confidentiality of all information relating to BANT, its members, employees and customers
  • honour any commitments made to the best of their ability
  • be jointly committed to honouring the spirit of this Volunteer Charter in all our activities

We thank you for your commitment and contribution to date, look forward to collaborating with you on exciting projects in the future, and welcome anyone willing to contribute to a world in which all projects succeed.