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Autumn is around the corner, and BANT is gearing up for one of the most exciting few months ahead of us. Satu Jackson, our CEO, covers for Miguel this month and hints at the things to come.

This issue of BANT eNews introduces our new Communications Manager, Claire, and provides insight into how an Ayurvedic antidepressant, Saffron, could be used in clinical practice to manage Major Depressive Disorder.

Lara, our Volunteer Manager, is looking for passionate volunteers to complement our teams in a role of a Diversity Project Support and BANT Network Co-ordinators, and our vigilant Professional Governance team is providing practical information about recording consultations and some resources for new graduates to set up their business.

Science and Education resources are collated to an easy to use summary below to help you find clinically relevant information to support your client, while providing valuable CPD opportunities for your career progression.

Don’t miss the discount to attend the rescheduled European Congress of Integrative Medicine (ECIM) on 26-28 February in London, details of which are in CNHC news link.

Have a cuppa and read on.

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