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Applications are invited for the following roles, working from home, but required to attend occasional online meetings or at the Stroud office of Crossfields Institute and with the ability to visit Crossfields Institute approved centres within the UK.

External Quality Assurers (EQAs): we are seeking experienced subject specialists with a good understanding of awarding organisation quality assurance processes in the subject area of Health and Social Care. In particular we are looking for EQAs with knowledge and experience in the following areas:

  • nutrition and wellness
  • therapeutic approaches to trauma
  • functional medicine
  • coaching and mentoring

Further information about our qualifications can be seen at https://crossfieldsawarding.org/ Potential EQAs should be able to demonstrate considerable experience in assessing and internal quality assurance (IQA. We are especially seeking EQAs who have the level of subject expertise to assess higher level qualification (Levels 5-7).

Third Party contract, fixed package of work

Fee: variable, depending on scope of work

Based at own home

Crossfields Institute has a progressive and innovative approach to education and training, working with a number of diverse centres to develop and administer integrative qualifications in a range of sectors.

Interview date: by arrangement

Application by CV and covering letter or email should be returned to Debbie Horseman [email protected]. For further information please contact Debbie Horseman on the above email or by calling 01453 808118

EQA Role Description

Responsible to: Quality Coordinator

The post holder is expected to monitor allocated Crossfields Institute approved centres. They will sample assessment and internal quality assurance decisions for qualifications within their own subject specialism in order to confirm that standards have been achieved and upheld. They will offer guidance and support to centres as part of the EQA process, which may be both remotely (phone and email support and remote sampling) and through visits to Centres.

This is a key role in the quality assurance system and the key purpose is to ensure that approved centres’ quality assurance systems are being implemented effectively.

Main duties include: 

  1. Planning and carrying out quality monitoring visits to designated centres and producing reports in an agreed format on these in a timely manner
  2. Authorising claims for certification
  3. Sampling learner work, assessment decisions and IQA reports and giving feedback
  4. Ensuring tutors/assessors and IQAs understand what the relevant standards (NOS) are and how they can be met
  5. Applying appropriate sanctions where it is deemed that flawed assessment or internal quality assurance decisions or processes mean that standards are not met
  6. Producing targeted actions for centres to assist with remedial action where standards are not being upheld
  7. Advising and supporting IQAs and other staff at the centres in carrying out their role effectively
  8. Giving feedback to Crossfields Institute Quality Coordinator and agreeing actions with a centre to develop their QA systems
  9. Keeping up to date with relevant regulatory criteria
  10. Keeping up to date with Crossfields Institute processes and procedures
  11. Attending EQA meetings, standardisation and training events

Any consultant undertaking this role must:

  • Have personal IT equipment capable of running Crossfields Institute required software
  • Have a suitable internet connection
  • Have a personal and secure email account
  • Declare any conflicts of interest that could impact on the role
  • Have availability of 5 to 30 days, dependent upon the requirements and workload for the sector, in any given year
  • Abide by the terms and conditions as stated in the contract for work