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We are at a critical milestone as we gain more freedom of movement, gradually emerging from lock down, and therefore are also anticipating return to seeing clients face-to-face.

BANT is following both the government and CNHC guidelines in their communications about COVID-19 related topics to ensure that BANT members, their families and clients stay safe. As practitioners, we also need to comply to meet our insurers requirements, which is to follow the guidance of our regulatory and professional bodies. You can keep up-to-date about the guidelines by reviewing the latest COVID-19 bulletins that BANT provides to consolidate information for the use of BANT practitioners.

Online consultations have seen a surge during the past months and many practitioners are experiencing the value of online consultations with their existing and new clients. While there is no doubt that the face-to-face consultations add value, often with better rapport, with the COVID-19 virus among us for some time to come and potential for new virus of similar scale in the future, use of online technologies will undoubtedly provide also business security and new opportunities for the future.

This summer issue of BANT eNews bids farewell to a long-term BANT PPC Chair, Barbara Powell and publishes a letter from the new home of BANT Accredited Professional Supervision, with exciting news about new training and new services to come, both updates below. Read on to hear the latest from our Volunteering and Networks team and also Science and Education, a team that helps you access opportunities for CPD and gain easy access to further evidence-based sciences to support your practice.

We wish you the very best for a lovely summer and look forward to busy clinics, whatever our new reality looks like in September.

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