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COVID-19 BANT Bulletin 6 – 22 June 2020

Government will soon be announcing further measures to ease the lockdown measures but at this time CNHC continues to recommend that Nutritional Therapy Practitioners in England, Scotland and Wales will continue to work remotely while those in Northern Ireland may return to their clinics on the 6th of July, if they are able to maintain the required distancing measures and follow the previously provided guidance to ensure the safety of the practitioner and the client. Those of you in Guernsey please follow your local guidelines.

In preparation for return to face-to-face consultation, please familiarise yourself with CNHC guidelines about return to face-to-face practice. It is important to follow your Regulatory and Professional body guidance to maintain the validity of your Professional Liability Policy. Balens guidance can be found here.

To aid your return to face-to-face consultations, when the time is right, BANT has prepared a symptoms check document for your clients to sign prior to the appointment. As per CNHC guidelines, check with clients 24 hours in advance of any appointment if they or anyone in their household is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

Stay safe and respect the guidelines that are provided for your, your family’s and your clients safety.

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