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BANT’s Advice Following the Prime Ministers Speech Relating to Face-to-Face Consultations

Following on from the Prime Minister’s speech on Sunday, BANT has received numerous requests for guidelines on reverting back to face-to-face consultations.

BANT’s clear recommendation is that its members continue working remotely from home for the foreseeable future and to heed the government advice to continue to stay home and protect lives.

Government announcements have made it clear that only essential or emergency services should be delivered face-to-face.

BANT wants to reassure its members that it is aware that they need to get back to work (most of its volunteer directors and part-time managers are also practising NTs) but we owe it to our members’, the public (both general and vulnerable) and the front line workers to put safety first.

Rest assured, BANT is already anticipating guidelines and is already working on these. They will be published at the appropriate time. Unfortunately, that time is not yet.

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