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It has been a week since our first COVID-19 Bulletin for BANT members and the COVID-19 pandemic runs apace. We would like to take this opportunity to once again remind members of some safe practice measures that are vital to follow.

Reminder Relating to What BANT Members Can Say Relating to COVID-19

We continue to remind you that BANT members are not able to issue any advice or guidance on COVID-19. This viral issue is related to public health and is absolutely outside BANT member’s scope of practice. Any information relating to COVID-19 issued by members puts the individual at risk of a complaint being made against them and risks putting the profession as a whole into disrepute.

BANT has today published a public announcement relating to COVID-19 outlining BANT’s position, members can use this as a reference to their clients when required. Beyond that we continue to support our clients based based on their biochemical individuality with a focus on dietary recommendations.

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