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As we continue to witness how the international COVID-19 pandemic causes significant disruptions to our daily life, I would like to, on behalf of BANT Council, ask that you stay connected with your peers, supporting each other via the BANT Members Facebook group as well as through your individual networks. Share resources and knowledge, and radiate positivity, something that we are very good at as a profession. Most people have accepted that working online is part of the “new reality” that has been imposed to us, so please do not feel that an online consultation or workshop is a “second best” option. This might be the only way you have to conduct your business in the next few weeks (or even months) so adapt quickly and this will benefit you. There are already plenty of resources available online to guide you in transitioning to an online business model successfully.

Please apply common sense and be sensitive to people’s changing needs at this time. Recommending a long list of expensive supplements or tests may not be seen as popular as it was only a month ago. Make the most of the knowledge you have and remind your clients of “the power of basics”. Consultation themes based around a diverse diet on a budget are quite likely to be a good choice as millions struggle to get hold of food for different reasons, including financial, but also due to shortages in the supply chain. So please be mindful of the importance of using an ethical and responsible approach during this time.

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