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This webinar is the first in a 3 part series that will provide you with a step-by-step guide to determine and address two of the most common underlying causes of cardiovascular disease, including dyslipidemia and nutritional imbalances.   The series looks at current standard of care and testing and, through a thorough look at the biochemistry involved, proposes advanced techniques for more accurate assessment of individual risk.  Specific protocols, including testing and test interpretation, dietary and supplemental recommendations and lifestyle therapies to address each underlying imbalance will be explained. Case studies will also be reviewed to demonstrate the recommended methodologies.

The webinar will cover:

• Cardiovascular disease statistics and ow CVD develops

• Underlying causes of CVD & CVD risk factors

• Clinical Utility of Standard Lipid Testing

• Difference between Cholesterol and Lipoproteins

• Cholesterol Metabolism

• Lipoproteins Involved in Atherosclerosis

• LDL–Number, size and density: why it matters

• HDL–Not all HDL is created equally

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