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Positive Science People is a supplement and lifestyle business, helping people with chronic health conditions improve their lives. We currently focus on arthritis and our first product, ActiFlex capsules, addresses several issues people with arthritis typically face. We have operated for a year and seen promising growth and great feedback from our customers. We have ambitious plans to develop new, innovative products and enter new markets outside the UK.

We strongly believe diet and supplementation play a big role in improving the lives of people with chronic health issues. Our founder Sandra Witzel has Rheumatoid Arthritis and sees this impact daily.

We are looking for a progressive, ambitious nutritionist or dietitian who is social media and business savvy and would like to grow with us. This will be a long-term partnership with someone who is keen on joining a growing and successful business, with the potential to become a director/equity partner.

Requirements could include providing regular content with a nutritional & supplementation angle that is relevant to arthritis, assisting in new product development (e.g. recommendations for ingredients and their amounts), representing the business at events.

Must haves

– Strong interest in chronic illness, in particular inflammatory diseases such as arthritis

– Up to date with the latest scientific research

– Writing skills

– Passion for growing a business not just for profit but also to help people with chronic health conditions live better lives

sandra witzel | +44 7419 755 175 | positivesciencepeople.uk | skype san004