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As we approach the end of the year, BANT Council would like to thank you very much for your ongoing support for the work that we’ve carried out over the last 12 months!

BANT’s ultimate aim is, as always, to support its members. This year we have continued to do that by persisting in our robust defence of our profession. We also work tirelessly to strengthen the organisation’s position at the heart of the nutrition debate going forward, particularly post-Brexit, by being fully engaged with stakeholders, as well as regulatory and professional bodies.

BANT is extremely proud of how many of its members volunteer for the organisation so that vital projects can be brought to fruition and so that the ultimate aim of BANT members being the ‘go to’ practitioners for nutrition and lifestyle medicine can be achieved.

BANT is a leading light in progressive nutrition clinical practice with forward thinking evidence-based projects such as the rapidly expanding Nutrition Evidence Database and the recent launch of the initial PROM/Wecudos research study, the first of a series of studies that will carry on throughout 2020. It is all thanks to you, whether you volunteer your time or whether you support these important tools by using them in your day to day practice.

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