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Further to our email dated 22nd of February and our AGM 2018, we hope the information below will answer any outstanding questions relating to professional titles used by BANT members.

The CNHC holds the occupational register for nutritional therapy, which follows the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for 1-2-1 practice. The scope of BANT members’ nutritional therapy qualifications is greater than the scope of the CNHC covered NOS. All work carried on outside of the CNHC NOS is nutritionist work and is covered by the BANT register of Nutritionists. All practicing BANT members are on the CNHC register of Nutritional Therapists and the BANT register of Nutritionists. Given the different scope of practice of the two registers, it is necessary for us to differentiate our use of titles.

In early January 2018, the Association for Nutrition (AfN) made a formal complaint to CNHC that some BANT members are using the title ‘Nutritionist’ when practising nutritional therapy. While BANT has always been clear that BANT members are nutritionists specialising in nutritional therapy, it is now necessary to differentiate between the titles ‘Nutritional Therapist’ and ‘Nutritionist’.

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