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The focus of this issue is thinking, something we probably spend our time doing as students!  Here we review a critical appraisal course, look at an option within BANT where we could practice our critical appraisal of research, touch on Alzheimer’s disease, the loss of thinking ability, there’s the option to listen again to Laura’s thought-provoking discussion of SIBO and some other nuggets.

RSM’s research methods and critical appraisal course

Last week one of the BANT student team and 2 other students went to the Royal society of mediçine for a day of learning how to critically appraise research, useful for keeping up to date with current research and finding strong evidence to support our future recommendations. Initially it was slightly intimidating being in a room full of doctors, registrars and medical students but nobody look down on us, we were all there to learn. We learnt a reliable approach to the evaluation and appraisal of published clinical research papers and to consider the principles that underlie randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and realise how they could be subverted by poor design and execution.

Everyone I spoke to found it and extremely useful day, definitely something that will be extremely useful for hr dissertations and future practice or whatever nutritional career we choose to go into. The next one is running Friday 24th November, details can be found here.

And while we’re  at the RSM,  did you see the functional forum that was broadcast from there on Tuesday? If not you can watch the recording here

BANT indexer opportunities

One thing that came up in the critical appraisal day was that the best way to hone your critical appraisal skills is to practice. B ant have volunteering opportunities available for indexers within the centre of excellence where you will contribute towards the nutritional evidence database. Volunteers will be required to  critically appraise reliability, accuracy and validity of research papers. More details and how to apply can be found here.

Nutrition, lifestyle and Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease, an inexorable decline of cognition, is an incurable condition of old age that many fear. However, you may have heard Dr Dale Bredesen talking about his research on Alzheimer’s disease. It has identified metabolic factors that may be imbalanced in Alzheimer’s disease and has developed a proven program of nutrition and lifestyle elements that could be followed with the help of a healthcare professional ( i e nutritional therapist) to improve cognitive health. A short interview can be seen with Dr Dale Bredesen here.

The ReCode program is outlined in his book, The end of Alzheimer’s. Post your thoughts, comments or reviews on the Dr Dale Bredesen thread on our LinkedIn page.

Catch up! BANT Student Network Webinar: ‘SIBO and Breath Testing’

If you’ve missed the student webinar this week it’s well worth a watch full stop Laura sterling gave a thought provoking insight based on current evidence and her clinical experience with small intestine bacterial overgrowth and the testing  options, interpretation guidelines and therapeutic options. You can view it here

Last chance! Cytoplan Conference: Making the Best of Stress

Saturday 7th October 2017 | 10am – 5pm

Riverside Building, County Hall, London, SE1 7PB

Students get a 20% discount off the normal price (£50), £40 for students.

Join one of the student network team to learn about stress resilience, a requirement for studying! In this conference on Saturday Dr John Briffa and Miguel Toribio-Mateas will explore evidence-based clinical nutrition and lifestyle approaches to manage stress, promote resilience and support neuroplasticity. This exciting education day has been designed with health practitioners in mind who follow a functional or whole-person approach and who provide their patients/clients with lifestyle and nutrition “prescriptions”.

A healthy lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

Book your place here

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