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A final reminder about the free BANT Student Webinar this Thursday evening, get clued up about the mechanisms behind gaining weight and carbohydrate metabolism with a fabulous book, sign up to BioNutri’s intriguing seminars, and book your place at the BANT AGM next month.

Final call for registering for the free BANT Student Network Webinar

Our next BANT Student Network Webinar is with Michelle Barrow this Thursday 23rd February, from 7.30 – 8.30pm. It is free and exclusive to BANT student members. Michelle will be discussing ‘Evidence-based practice vs. Personalised practice’, specifically the strengths, limitations and ethical consideration of these methods of informing nutrition practice. Not one to be missed, especially for those students among us who are soon to be graduates. Click here to book your place or e-mail Alma or Becky at [email protected].

‘The Obesity Epidemic’ by Zoe Harcombe

This informative book by obesity expert, Zoe Harcombe, is a must-read for students. In it, she spells out in detail why the decades old theory of ‘energy in vs. energy out’ for weight loss is fundamentally flawed, by painstakingly dissecting the evidence. Now, this could be a very difficult, turgid read. But it is not – she writes brilliantly, and in such a way that you come away understanding the analysis, arguments and biochemistry without realising. An invaluable book, it is helpful from a critical analysis perspective, too. The book costs £20 new from Amazonhere is the link to buy it. Definitely money well spent!

Bionutri Seminars around the country

The supplement brand, Bionutri, has an intriguing and instinctive ethos. They create supplements that are designed to work in harmony with the body’s natural processes and with great effect, too. Sue McGarrigle and Edward Joy are running seminars around the country – Cardiff, St Albans, London, Manchester, Brighton, Nottingham – over the next few months on the topic of ‘Food Pathology’. These seminars are free to all, and are guaranteed to be fascinating and well worth our time. Plus, the seminars are from 10am – 1 pm, and so are manageable in terms of childcare, studying and other commitments. Visit this page for the full list of venues and dates, and to register. You will need to register as a practitioner in order to access the seminar information. See you there…

Book your place at the Annual BANT AGM

BANT’s 2017 AGM takes place on 18th March at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London, from 9.30am until 11.30am, and is free. It is the ideal opportunity to find out more how BANT works, especially if you are interested in becoming a volunteer yourself. To book, visit this page.

If you’ve got any recipes, event or book recommendations, or comments, or there’s something you’d like to see, please send it to [email protected] cheap nike air max 95 trainers

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