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BANT is relaunching its successful member webinar programme for 2017 with eminent functional medicine and nutritional science speakers including Dr. Grisanti and Dr Miguel Toribio-Mateas amongst others. Dr. Grisanti has kindly created a short welcome video to launch our 2017 webinar programme and this can be view here.

Each month’s webinars will be published on the BANT website under the Centre of Excellence (orange section) at this link on the last day of every month, so keep an eye on social media – Facebook Members or LinkedIn for information and news. You can also access webinars from years prior to 2017 at this link. Please note that the webinars are CPD approved and will be listed in the dropdown selection when you add the webinar to you online CPD log.

Our first webinar of year is now available. Provided by the Functional Medicine University the webinar is entitled ‘The Triage Theory: It All Starts with Individual Nutritional Optimisation’. It is a fascinating insight into the Triage Theory, the concept that when nutrients are scarce, the body will triage which nutrients are most important for survival today, risking health into later years of life. The webinar is presented by Kirstin Keilty MS, CNS.  To access the webinar, click here.