Student News Bulletin

Welcome to 2017!  In our first bulletin for the year we’ve included some of the top New Year tasks. There’s membership renewal if you haven’t done it already. The perfectly timed new BANT detox for life poster below. And the latest free webinar recording.

2017 Membership Renewals Now Open

The BANT 2017 online membership renewal process is now open and you have until 31st January 2017 to renew your membership.

Renewal Deadline is 31st January 2017

Please note that if you fail to renew during this period your membership will become inactive and you will incur additional charges should you wish to renew at a later date. Refer to the BANT website for further information on these charges.

Click here to renew your Student Membership – If you are a Student Member and still enrolled on your course, you will also have to renew your membership.

BANT Member Benefits, Offers & Discounts

To revisit the many benefits of being a BANT member, please visit the website here.

BANT Releases Detox for Life Poster – Detox for Life, Not Just Post Christmas

Detoxification, the January BUZZ word! In January people are turning their minds to improving their health after the many indulgences of the festive season. Detoxification is a biochemical process that takes place within every cell in our body on a continual basis, not just during the quick-fix detox diets that detoxification is commonly associated with. The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) experts have crafted a ‘Detox 4 Life’ infographic, based on the latest science and research in the field of nutrition that summarises the detoxification approach BANT registered practitioners consider when guiding their clients toward optimal health. Read more here

Candidiasis: aitiology and treatment (with Dr G. Georgiou)

Free Webinar Recording available

Dr George Georgiou of the renown holistic health centre in Cyprus will present a comprehensive approach in dealing with candida after covering its most common causes and triggers. Thanks to all those that attended the webinar by Dr Georgiou before the Christmas break.  Find the recording here.

If you have not registered this is your chance to register now and watch the recording in your own time.  You’ll need your membership number to register.

The next student webinar will be looking at life after our studies: Beyond nutritional therapy. It is taking place on 24th of January at 7pm with Joy Skipper. Watch out for registraton details.

If you’ve got any comments or there’s something you’d like to see, contact us: [email protected]

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