Student News Bulletin

Welcome to our first ever student news bulletin, written by the students for the students! This week we showcase our new student area, tell you about the launch of the ‘One You’ campaign by Public Health England and we talk values.

BANT student area goes live with new features
Today’s special news is the re-launch of the BANT online student area. Check out your new welcome page, which gathers lots of useful tools for students into one place. Also read the first student blog post, written by Tilly Paz from University of West London. Fancy following in Tilly’s footsteps and polishing up on your blogging skills? We want to hear from you! Email us at [email protected].

Government launches ‘One You’ campaign
On the 7th March, Public Health England launched its new campaign designed to ‘help adults to avoid future diseases caused by modern day life’. Give their ‘How Are You’ quiz a go. Over half of 40-60 year olds said that the feedback given by the quiz was likely to change their behaviour for the positive.

Are we using the value correctly?
Also in this week’s news, the good old value. Love it or hate it, it is an integral part of evidence-based practice, the foundation on which nutritional therapy is built. But is it always being used correctly? The American Statistical Association (ASA) thinks not, and has released a statement to say so. They have taken the unusual step of publishing six principles to guide the use of the value. If you want to go back to basics on the value, Trisha Greenhalgh’s book ‘How to Read a Paper’ is a great place to start. nike air max ladies

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