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Free Evolution of Medicine Summit from Leading Global Speakers

BANT is backing a FREE eight day online summit in September featuring world leading speakers.The summit, which has been set up to accommodate doctors, health professionals and patients / clients will explore new techniques used by 30 health innovators who are setting a vision for a more empowered, proactive and patient-value focused healthcare system. The summit will run from September 8th to 15th with seminars with more than 30 leading doctors, nutrition experts and health gurus as speakers, the summit is ideal for the education of nutritional therapists and our clients. Different presentations will be made available for health professionals and their patients/clients. Please follow this link and register as an affiliate. Upon completing your registration, you will be provided with all the links and materials you need so that you can share this event with your own clients. To access the special offer for BANT members, click here.