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20 anniversary

Student News Bulletin
21 March 2017

This fortnight’s news is here! Read on for information about an up-coming student webinar about member benefits on 30th March, a fantastic online SIBO course by Dr Seibecker (with a discount to students), an update following the BANT AGM on Saturday 18th… Read More >

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Student News Bulletin
6 March 2017

This Bulletin is about getting involved! There’s the free BANT AGM where one of our student team members will be speaking. On the same day, take advantage of your student discount at the first CAM conference of the year, there’s… Read More >


Student News Bulletin
21 February 2017

A final reminder about the free BANT Student Webinar this Thursday evening, get clued up about the mechanisms behind gaining weight and carbohydrate metabolism with a fabulous book, sign up to BioNutri’s intriguing seminars, and book your place at the BANT AGM… Read More >


Student News Bulletin
6 February 2017

In this issue we continue to look to the future with another webinar with information for the all-important life after study, a new look at an old diet and a recipe to celebrate chocolate season (aka Valentine’s Day). Free BANT… Read More >


Student News Bulletin
23 January 2017

In our bulletin this fortnight, get organised for the months ahead with some suggestions for events and seminars by the Student Network Team, follow a link to the latest Functional Forum on YouTube and a reminder of the next BANT… Read More >


Student News Bulletin
9 January 2017

Welcome to 2017!  In our first bulletin for the year we’ve included some of the top New Year tasks. There’s membership renewal if you haven’t done it already. The perfectly timed new BANT detox for life poster below. And the latest… Read More >


Student News Bulletin
19 December 2016

In this extended issue there are details on a free BANT webinar focusing on skills for future practice,  we highlight a useful blog by the University of the West of London and an unusual but delicious way of cooking Brussels sprouts. Also,… Read More >


Student News Bulletin
5 December 2016

In this issue we look at suggested affects of energy drinks on teenagers, a study on the power of broccoli and an experience of BANT local network meeting. Could energy drinks be impacting teenagers? A new report published in Pediatric… Read More >

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Student News Bulletin
21 November 2016

This week we give you the link to the recent BANT student webinar that we really enjoyed, we highlight a study on probiotics to help improve cognitive function, and bring your attention to a fascinating FREE seminar run by BioCare about the… Read More >


Student News Bulletin
7 November 2016

In this bulletin we look at the research on the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, we give you information on the up-coming webinar that we’re really looking forward to and the super quick, brain boost, guilt-free snack recipe to power… Read More >