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Being a member of BANT means you are part of a professional body that aims to promote and safeguard member’s interest. BANT is the largest professional body for Nutritional Therapy and sets the standards of excellence in the industry as well as continually striving to drive industry policy to ensure the availability of nutritional therapy as a primary healthcare option. Being a member of BANT enables you, as a health professional, to take advantage of the many member benefits detailed below. Your BANT Council is fully committed to ensuring your BANT membership works for you and offers you increasing value for money. In addition to the offers and discounts, there are many intrinsic benefits of being a BANT member. These include opportunities for business development, education and professional support for which no value can be attributed, they can only be described as ‘invaluable’.  For details of all the Special Offers and Discounts as well as the many intrinsic benefits of being a BANT member, please visit http://bant.org.uk/members-area/member-resources/special-offers-for-bant-members/

If you are interested in providing a discounted member benefit then please contact the General Manager at generalmanager@bant.org.uk.

BANT Full and Student Membership is worth nearly 141 x your membership fee!!

Full Non-Practicing and Associate Membership is worth 81 x your membership fee!



Discounted Price – You pay Member Saving
Natural Medicines DatabaseFree and full professional licensed access worth $299. 5 Free £196.50
CAM MagazineThe premier magazine for the CAM practitioner where the basic subscription is £60 £40 £20
Functional Sports NutritionFree access to the digital version of the UKs only magazine dedicated to growing professional knowledge of sports nutrition, usual price £10 Free £10
York Test Laboratories/Lorisian TestsAdditional 10% discount of the York IgG Food&Drink Scan Programme, usual price £175. 2 £157 £18
BiolabOffers of up to 40% for a selection of testing packages, prices vary. 2 40% off selective packages Varies
Lifestyle Labs Vitamin & Supplement Retailer. 25% discount for health practitioners, additional 5% for BANT members. Additional 5% discount Varies
MegaSporeBiotic All spore, consortium probiotic bacteriotherapy, 12.5% discount for BANT members. £35.70 £5.10
Planet Organic Organic fruit & vegetables, organic bread from artisan London bakeries, organic meat, sustainable fish. 7 10% off products with discount code £10
inSpiral Organic, gluten free, raw, vegan and mainly paleo health food. 8 35% off products with a minimum spend of £75. 15% discount in café. £26.25
ADADSU Psychotherapy Services 20% discount off Face-to-Face or 33% discount off Skype Psychotherapy services provided by Lara Just, Director of ADADSU and a BANT Affiliate Member. Discount for couple sessions also available. £52/£42.55 £13/£21.45
CAM CoachProvide Business and Educational resources for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners. 30% off book, 33% off webinar course. £17.49 (+p&p)/ £80.00 £7.50/£40
Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM)Membership for up to 27.5% discount, full annual membership $299. 5 £155 £58.50
Royal Society of MedicineDiscounted membership of one of the largest providers of continuing medical education in the UK, usual price £209 £187 £33
CAM Conferences 15% discount, prices vary. 3 £142 £25
Nutri-Link Ltd – Clinical Education Is the Lead Sponsor of AFMCP™-UK course in London in 2017 and BANT has secured a 10% discount. £2,343.60 £258
camexpoUKs leading events for complementary and natural health, prices vary. 3 £7.50 £12.50
Academy of Nutritional MedicineDiscounts of 30% – 50% off AONM CPD events, an international interdisciplinary forum for advancing nutritional medicine. 6 £57 £38
FunctionalDXDiscounted ticket price for Functional Blood Chemistry Seminar with Dr Dicken Weatherby and £40 voucher to be used towards any of the main test panel on offer £65 £20 plus £40 voucher
Klinghardt Institute Discounts of 30% on conferences. Founded by Dr Klinghardt, specialises in information, protocols, articles and educational materials focusing on chronic illness. Conference fee £160 £112 £48
WebinarsThese range from free, brief, pre-recorded essential information through to live events. 4 Free £200

1All values rounded to the nearest £. Value calculated as at 06/10/2015
2Assuming 24 new clients/per year using 1 test per client @ £250/test with 10% discount across the 2 testing companies
3Attending 2 CAM conferences
4Attending 4 webinars/year
5Based on exchange rates as at 06/10/2015
6Based on once conference at £90 and 40% discount
7Based on an order value of £100/year
8Based on an order value of £75



Full Member Full Non-Practising Member Associate Member Student Member

Local Network Coordinator Meetings

Active CPD hours awarded
Group support and advice
Guest speakers
Build a thriving nutritional therapy community


Active CPD hours awarded
Resolving issues in practice
Professional and personal development
Grow a flourishing business

LinkedIn group

Members only group, discussing nutrition relations topics and developments in the industry

BANT Professional Practice Committee (PPC)

Use of the BANT Professional Practice Handbook which provides advice on safe, legal and ethical practice and the principles of personal and professional conduct
Support of BANT PPC for queries related to professional practice
Access to Frequently Asked Questions related to Professional Practice
Monthly PPC updates and reminders via the BANT Monthly Newsletter


Full Member Full Non-Practising Member Associate Member Student Member

BANT Directory of Practitioners

Listed on BANTs website as a Registered Nutritional Therapist

Employment opportunities

Regular e-blasts on latest employment opportunities
Access to latest employment opportunities in our resources section and our monthly newsletter
Employment Opportunities exclusive to BANT members with Nuffield Health


Full Member Full Non-Practising Member Associate Member Student Member

Free access to:

BANT Centre of Excellence
Professional version of the Natural Medicines Database
Monthly webinars
Monthly BANT newsletter including all the latest industry updates, employment opportunities and member offers


Regular information and updates on a variety of CPD events


Full Member Full Non-Practising Member Associate Member Student Member


Including full voting rights
Updates on the latest industry developments
Networking opportunities

Use of BANT logo and title on all material

Recognised as having achieved the highest level of training and adhering to BANTs exacting standards
Personalised ASA compliant leaflets
BANT Practice Posters

CNHC Registrant

Registrant of Regulatory Body overseen by the UK national health regulatory oversight body the Professional Standards Authority (PSA)