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BANT Presents Dr Sarah Myhill 2012 ME Conference
19 May 2014

BANT would like to thank Biocare and Dr Sarah Myhill for their generosity in providing Dr Myhill’s 2012 conference presentation for the use of BANT members. This presentation follows on from the theme from the last mitochondria presentation. It is… Read More >

BANT Seeks Legal Opinion
19 May 2014

BANT seeks legal opinion for members on the status of the ASA and Trading standards.  Download the report here.

BANT Student Member Benefits
17 May 2014

BANT has developed a fantastic package of benefits for its student members, but being a BANT member in 2014 as the Nutritional Therapy landscape undergoes dramatic changes is not just about tangible benefits.  BANT has cut through the detail and… Read More >

READ ALL ABOUT IT… May’s BANT News Goes Live
16 May 2014

BANT Members can now access this month’s online magazine – BANT News. Find out why BANT is calling on members to change their title to Registered Nutritional Therapists, read the insider’s guide to the new website and a fascinating CPD… Read More >

BANT Appeals to Members to Use the Registered Nutritional Therapist Title
16 May 2014

BANT is calling on all members who are CNHC official to address themselves as Registered Nutritional Therapists. The call comes in a bid to bring all BANT members together under one recognised title so that we can work on their… Read More >

Nutritional Therapy Gets a Beauty Boost
15 May 2014

Visitors to the Selfridges beauty hall in London will be able to find out about the benefits of eating for optimum health – and for beauty – during a month-long Beauty and the Feast promotion. A Meet the Nutritional Therapist… Read More >

Nation’s Eating Habits Revealed
14 May 2014

The latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey results were released today and show that, as a nation, we are still eating too much salt and sugar and not enough fruit and vegetables and oily fish. Interestingly, it also shows the… Read More >

New BANT Website Launched Today
1 May 2014

BANT is delighted to announce the launch of its new look website which has been completely overhauled and updated as part of BANT’s continued drive to improve standards and raise the public profile of nutritional therapy. The site has been… Read More >

Study Suggests Mum-to-Be Food Habits Influence their Baby’s DNA
30 April 2014

BANT today urged mums-to-be to see a Registered Nutritional Therapist to help them prepare for pregnancy. The call comes as a study suggests that the food mums-to-be eat could permanently influence their baby’s DNA. Scientists from the London School of… Read More >

Find a Registered Nutritional Therapist
30 April 2014

BANT helps members of the public find Registered Nutritional Therapists with its online directory. The new search facility on this website will enable people to find the Registered Nutritional Therapist closest to them by just typing in their postcode. BANT… Read More >

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