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Committees and Teams


Professional Practice Committee

The Professional Practice Committee (PPC) sets standards (as set out in the CNHC Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics and the BANT Professional Practice Handbook) for professional practice and monitors their implementation by practitioners.


CPD Committee

The CPD Committee aims to facilitate the provision of a choice of conferences, courses and workshops that qualify for BANT CPD hours, meet NTC core curriculum, and fulfil part of the CPD requirement for attendance at external formal events.


BANT Supervision Team

This scheme has been uniquely developed for BANT members and is the only programme of it’s kind that is available for nutritional therapy. This scheme aligns BANT members with healthcare providers in other professions where clinical supervision is an integral part of clinical practice.


Regional Co-ordinators Team

The Regional Co-ordinators Team provides support for BANT Regional Co-ordinators and report to BANT Council.


Student Network Team

The Student Network Team provides support for BANT Student Members and reports to BANT Council.