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We are an exciting startup working on the development of a unique lifestyle app that focuses on veganism, yoga & fitness. We are looking for 7 skillful vegan chefs that would be interested in providing us with 106 recipes each,  by 20th August.  As an exchange, we will add their profile with picture and website address right above their recipes to the “recipe & meal plan” section of the app.

This is a great opportunity for vegan chefs that would like some good exposure and that are interested in promoting their names and businesses via a successful app that will be available for the British public by the end of this year/beginning of next year.

Once the app will be up and running we will need to hire one of you to work for us permanently. The job will be for you to carry on creating & delivering new vegan recipes every month for the app.

If you would like to participate in this adventure and be part of our vegan chefs, here are the requirements

  1. Each chef needs to provide us with a total of 105 recipes for women and men from the ages of 18 – 50
  2. Because we care deeply about quality and we endeavor to deliver to our future subscribers the absolute top of the top, we will be collecting as many samples of your recipes each week at your home address as you would like to provide us with. We need a minimum of 4 recipes per chef per week and we need samples of the dishes, a dessert, a breakfast, a dinner, etc. per week.
  3. For this to be viable for us, we can only consider chefs living in London.

Please note:

  • All recipes must be 100% vegan
  • All recipes must be originally created by you and not copied from books or from famous chefs
  • All fats used for cooking must be vegan
  • The meals must be prepared around a healthy balance of raw and cooked (obviously we do not want cooking methods that are unhealthy or that destroy nutrient values like deep frying, etc.).
  • We would like to encourage you to provide us with recipes from around the world, like French, Indonesian , Vietnamese , Italian, Thai, Japanese, etc. The more varied the better! We encourage variety and a delicious display of colors and flavors.

If you’re interested, please email us to: sivanfarber@gmail.com with your C.V

Applications close on 20th July.

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